Xtensive is software company focused on Microsoft .NET platform. We deliver products for .NET developers as well as custom software solutions for small and medium sized enterprises.

From the very outset in 2003 our company is demonstrating stable growth – we’ve passed the way from the group of 3 enthusiasts to medium sized company. Today our team consists of 20 professionals.

Our primary projects are DataObjects.Net, MEScontrol.net (in cooperation with MESware), Help Server.


Our mission is to create new generation of open, scalable, but simple and inexpensive database software designed for commodity hardware and ship the product and services related to it worldwide.

Our Aspirations

Invent! Deliver conceptually new, competitive and featured solutions. If we develop a product or solution, it should be the best in its market area.
Design with flexibility in mind – all limitations certainly aren't well-accepted.
Be open – practically:

Care about the customers – help a.s.a.p!

The Team

We have an excellent software department team:

  • Some of us are formerly winners of regional ACM programming contests
  • All of us are IT professionals with strong theoretical basis
  • Most of us have practical experience in wide range of technologies – it is definitely much wider than a set of .NET and RDBMS-related ones. This certainly helps us a lot.

Take a look on us here.

Our Experience

Programming languages
We mainly use C#; other .NET languages are used much rarely. This doesn't imply we avoid such languages as Javascript – all depends on the case.

Programming platforms
.NET Framework 2.0\3.5 is our primary platform, and we know it extremely well. Although we have certain level of experience with many other technologies for Windows, such as DirectX and Windows API. Cross-platform technologies we were working with include Java and Mono.

Everything else
Here are some other technologies we have experience with (picked almost at random): Full-text indexing and search, Applied cryptography, Domain-specific language compilers, Windows Scripting Host, Distributed computing, Parallel FX.

Database platforms
Until now we were primarily focused on Microsoft SQL Server platform – we think we know it very well, including lots of surrounding technologies, such as Microsoft Reporting Services. We have developed DataObjects.Net – cross-database object relational mapping tool (ORM) supporting such databases as Oracle, MaxDB\SAP DB and Firebird.
So we perfectly know many of the most well-known database platforms.

This year we're going to add one more database to this list – the one that will be integrated into DataObjects.Net v4.0. You can read more about its features in Indexing architecture article.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.