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We provide professional consulting and support services in addition to standard support. If you've facing any performance or scalability related issues in your database application (deadlocks, query performance, etc.), we'll be glad to help you to resolve them.


When we may help?

We're experts in .NET Framework and relational database programming. Our involvement may help to handle the following categories of issues:

  • Database programming:
    • Frequent deadlocking or version conflicts
    • Query performance – index and query optimization
    • Scalability
    • Architecture (transaction boundaries, correct isolation, standard compliance, etc.)
  • .NET programming:
    • Application performance and scalability (check out tips.x-tensive.com)
    • Architecture (compatibility with .NET Framework and industry standards and patterns, etc.)

And obviously, we perfectly handle any issues related to use of our own products.

What can we do?

We can:

  • Analyze your project and identify the places (particular code) leading to the specific issue(s)
  • Explain why the issue occurs
  • Provide an advice allowing to fix it
  • Show it will really resolve the issue
  • Finally, we can fix the issue by our own.

What our clients say about us?

"Dmitri Maximov is a bright and talented professional at Xtensive whose technical expertise coupled with his deep knowledge of object modeling in general and DataObjects.Net in particular, was an important contributor to our project's success. Always delivering on time, he is totally innovative and a pleasure to work with. I can confidently recommend Dmitri."

Cristian Beres
ClientCentric, Inc
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I highly recommend Xtensive’s consulting services team. Our firm has been struggling with serious deadlock and performance problems with our complex web services application. In two weeks, the expert staff at Xtensive, identified the problem areas and provided clear recommendations on how to fix these issues. I will definitely utilize their services in the future."

Michael Shaw
Director Application Development
eXaNetworks, Inc.
Portland, Oregon, USA

Check out DataObjects.Net testimonials as well.


Our rates for consulting related works start from 35 EUR per man-hour.

  • This is the lowest rate for this type of works. It can be higher for a particular involved person.
  • Actual payment conditions can be very flexible – the man-hour based prices are provided here just to give some estimates.


What's normally required for you to start working?

  • Distributive and installation instructions for the product
  • Normally, source code of the product, although this isn't always necessary (e.g. if the problem can be isolated on with query profiler)
  • A list of issues to resolve
  • Ideally – issue reproduction instructions.

What kind of reply do you provide?
A document containing the following information about any issue:

  • The places in code leading to it
  • Explanation of why it occurs
  • Possible ways of resolving it. If the "ideal" solution seems too complex, we provide possible workarounds.
  • A prof that provided solution will really help (if you ask, or if it isn't obviously follows from the explanation)
  • Finally, we can provide the exact list of code changes fixing the issue, if this is required.

Will you sign NDA?

Other questions

Please see Software Development FAQ – some of questions listed there are related to this section as well.

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