There are some UI examples we created during last 2 years.


USTU Purchase Management & Document Management

Web (ASP.NET + AJAX) application providing document and purchase management for universities. We've just implemented it in USTU.

Estimates of expenditures

New demand form


Search form

New contract form

Extremely configurable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that adheres to the principles of lean manufacturing in order to manage the production workflow on the plant floor. It completely automates manufacturing processes by solving such tasks as production planning, scheduling, execution, efficiency optimization and much more.

Websites: English, Russian.

Production plan


Storage graphical view

Equipment indicators graph

Storage graphical view

Product ingredients

Help Server

Web (ASP.NET + AJAX) application allowing to browse the content of .Chm and .HxS help files on the Internet. Powers up

Help Server, Windows XP skin

Help Server, default skin

Izenda Reports

Web application letting business users to create and customize database reports without involvement of technical experts. We're taking part in development of this application.

Chart and detail reports



Report designer

Other administration module helps us to manage users, licenses, downloads and handles lots of other tasks. Btw, there are some nice decisions:

  • It doesn't have content management & publication module - we decided it will be much easier and better to develop MediaWiki integration module for it.
  • We did the same for news: blog integration module cares about their publication and user notifications.
License managment

Crawler statistic