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We develop software solutions for a set of companies – some of them are listed in our partners section. If you're looking for quite experienced team of developers, you've just found it.


What can we do?

Generally, anything, that can be implemented on .NET – so almost anything at all. We have a huge experience with various parts of .NET platform, but our primary focus areas are:

  • Business applications
  • Data-intensive applications
  • Rich Internet applications (RIA).

What is already done by us?


Our rates start from 30 EUR per man-hour.

  • This is the lowest rate for software development works. It can be higher for a particular involved person. For example, rates for team leaders are about 40 EUR per man-hour.
  • Actual payment conditions can be very flexible – the man-hour based prices are provided here just to give some estimates.


What kind of communication tools do you use? We mainly use:

  • Skype – mainly for group and voice chats. There are many extensions allowing to share white boards and applications as well.
  • GMail – perfect web interface, it archives everything and helps to find any document fast
  • Google Docs – especially, spreadsheets. Concurrent daily report editing is really awesome there ;)
  • Remote Desktop Connection \ VNC \ Radmin \ etc. – for UI related discussions.

Isn't it complex – to deal with remote team? Actually, it isn't – especially if everything is set up properly. In particular:

Should we buy licenses for your products in this case? No, if the estimated amount of work is 4 man-months or more. The appropriate licenses for DataObjects.Net and Help Server are provided for free in this case.

Other questions

Please send any other questions to: