"You have sexy software, guys!"
Continuing the theme of our initiatives and small victories in Armenia in October, we should note the trip of sellers to the Anitex factory, which produces many textile products for export.

It turned out that the management of the factory had been looking for a solution for efficient machine monitoring for a long time and our DPA was ideal for the machines in use.

The quotation of the factory director, placed in the headline of this news, can be published in our advertising booklets.
The science. Nice people.
The development of our international destinations is in full swing.

For example, last month, we started cooperation with the Armenian FAST (Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology).

We agreed to explore the possibility of launching a corporate innovation project. The main idea is to create an industry incubation program in one of the industry sectors available in Armenia, where X-tensive has expertise.

As an example of ideas, we discussed the mining incubator (clean-tech), the agro-tech incubator, and the textile industry solution (Gloria or Alex Textile).

Our new FAST partners also shared that such projects can be a good incentive for government involvement and scaling opportunities if the pilot project is successful.

One of the scaling options is the allocation of state grants to startups that have passed this kind of incubation program.

We are sure everything will work out!
We are being invited. We participate.
X-tensive in Armenia is becoming an increasingly prominent company. Efforts to promote products in the local market and active mutual assistance at the inter-corporate level, successfully passed the topic of brain emigration - all make the company's employees exciting speakers with a unique experience.

At the end of September, Valerii Boginskii was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the topic "What will make Armenia attractive for technology companies?" at the STCC conference in Yerevan. The topic was discussed with Dmitry Stepanov, director of new product development at Yandex, and Vahe Kuzoyan, co-founder and president of ServiceTitan.
Science and technology convergence conference 2022.
Yerevan, Armenia

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