X-tensive is a software development company specializing in .Net stack. We have been in the software development business for many years and have a lot of experience in this field.

Our portfolio contains our own developments in production automation that are used by large number of manufacturers worldwide, partnership integrations, enterprise-scale SaaS products for customers in the US and Europe, and even the first commercial ORM on the .Net platform.
Years of experience
People in our team

About Us

X-tensive was established in 2003 as a small software development company. Over the years, we built up to where we are now, with over 100 employees, and X-tensive became well-known because our team developed the first commercial ORM for the .Net platform.

Most of our employees are software engineers who work remotely from different countries and cities. Being a distributed team, we are very flexible in terms of the processes we use and encourage result-oriented approaches.
Our Work Culture
We sincerely believe in engineering values and we follow these simple processes, not only when we develop software, but also in the life of the company and organization of work. We embrace and encourage learning and growth and explore learning opportunities as they come. But to be the best, you have to work with the best, and that is what we offer here at X-tensive!

We have great confidence in our employees and their professionalism and responsibility. As such, we offer a lot of flexibility at work.

Results matter! And we do whatever it takes to get those results! For the engineers, they often have total control, without corporate standards getting in the way. That is what responsibility is! If you like to travel, we do that! We often fly around the world to speak and share with our colleagues and customers, regularly taking trips to the US and Europe.
Our Processes

Scalability and ability to check hypotheses fast are crucial components of modern development, so self-sufficient teams and quick iterations are a must.

Our multi-functional teams are free to use the tools and processes they choose to get the job done. 'Be Agile' is the rule of thumb. We believe in customer satisfaction, and we will do what it takes to achieve that.

Our goal is simple – we want to deliver the best product to our customers. As such, we regularly have training and other important company doings to make sure our goal is realized.

Our Story

2003: X-tensive

X-tensive is established.
A small group of enthusiasts work on the cutting-edge .Net tooling.

2013: Rapid Growth

A new huge project for the US customer is started.
A second office is opened soon after to accommodate the fast growing team.

2018: Remote-First Paradigm

About a half of our employees work remotely, we embrace new opportunities that this brings.

2022: Only A Beginning

Our company grew to more than 100 people and we continue to quantitatively expand our portfolio of projects and qualitatively improve our own developments as well as help our customers and partners to improve their business.
Join The Team
We always welcome new talents that would enrich our team with the new competencies.
Join the team and participate in building world-leading SaaS platforms and innovative industrial automation solutions!
Our Projects
These are some of the projects we are active in, but we have so many more!

Enterprise Solutions Development

Largest part of our team is working on the world's leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

Our team comprises more than 70 top-tier specialists most of whom are .Net developers. We are fully integrated into the development processes and work in close collaboration with the larger development team from the US, Canada and Europe.
Most of our specialists work fully remotely and scattered across many cities.
This project is moving quickly, and, as with all technology, it changes rapidly, so there are certain components used for certain situations.

We are not afraid to experiment and look for the better alternatives to the solutions we already have. At the same time it is important to keep the core components of the system stable and reliable. This is often a matter of balance.

Below is a list of some of the most prevalent tech and tools we use:
  • Backend: .Net 5;
  • Frontend: React (Typescript) + Mobx;
  • Data: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Snowflake;
  • Message Bus: Kafka, Azure Service Bus;
  • Infra: Azure Cloud, Docker/Kubernetes;
  • Other: Redis, SignalR, ELK, TeamCity, Datadog, Helm, Prometheus, Jira, Confluence, GitHub;

Industrial Automation Systems

X-tensive develops top-class software to automate production processes, effectively manage robots, machines and production lines
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