Senior frontend developer

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About the job
The largest part of our team is working on the world's leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

Our team comprises more than 70 top-tier specialists, most of whom are .Net developers. We are fully integrated into the development processes and collaborate closely with the larger development team from the US, Canada and Europe.
Most of our specialists work entirely remotely and are scattered across many cities
About the Project
Despite the age of the project, we use modern technology and always try to maintain the latest versions of frameworks.
Architecturally, you can clearly distinguish a monolithic core and dozens of services, microservices, and independent web and mobile applications that form a single product ecosystem.

What We Offer:
· Relocation to Limassol, Cyprus (flight compensation and three months rent).
· Competitive salary.
· Employment in full compliance with labor legislation.
· We are ready to discuss requests for compensation individually with successful candidates.
· The company provides the necessary equipment for work, including remote workers.
· English training.
· Medical insurance.
· Free work schedule (40 hours per week).
· Travel to product owner's HQ in Los Angeles and an additional office in Yerevan.

As our Senior frontend developer, you will:
· Architect Solutions: Architect efficient and reusable front-end solutions driving complex web applications.
· Revamp: Participate in re-imagining our client-side application architecture.
· Problem-solve: Solve challenges on the edge of old and new front-end technologies.
· Develop & Manage: Develop and maintain sufficient test coverage for all features.
· Maximize Efficiency: Optimize performance-heavy parts of existing applications.
· Mentor less experienced developers, making and passing code-review

To be successful in this role, you’ll need the following:
· Expert knowledge of Vanilla JS, prototypal inheritance, asynchronous API calls, callbacks, Promise and async/await.
· Strongly understand ES6+ additions to Javascript and their relationship to pre-ES6 concepts.
· Experience creating or maintaining large React applications (over 100 components), experience with MobX, and React Router.
· Experience writing Unit Tests (Server or Client Side).

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