Senior .NET Fullstack Developer

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About the job
The largest part of our team is working on the world's leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

Our team comprises more than 70 top-tier specialists, most of whom are .Net developers. We are fully integrated into the development processes and collaborate closely with the larger development team from the US, Canada and Europe.
Most of our specialists work entirely remotely and are scattered across many cities
About the Project
Despite the age of the project, we use modern technology and always try to maintain the latest versions of frameworks.
Architecturally, you can clearly distinguish a monolithic core and dozens of services, microservices, and independent web and mobile applications that form a single product ecosystem.

What You'll Do:
· Architect, design, and implement user-facing features end-to-end.
· Work with product managers, designers, and engineers to prototype and implement product features.
· Communicate effectively with other engineers, product managers, customers, and partners.

What We Offer:

· Relocation to Limassol, Cyprus (flight compensation and three months rent).
· Employment in full compliance with labor legislation.
· With successful candidates are ready to discuss their requests for compensation on an individual basis.
· The company provides the necessary equipment for work, including remote workers.
· English training.
· Medical insurance.
· Free work schedule (40 hours per week).
· Travel to product owner's HQ in Los Angeles and an additional office in Yerevan.

What You'll Bring:
· 5+ years of industry experience
· Expert-level knowledge of:
· Microsoft .NET technology stack (C# / .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web APIs) and SQL databases (Microsoft SQL Server or any other).
· Experience creating or maintaining JSON Web APIs backed by relational databases in any strongly-typed back-end development framework. Should be comfortable with MVC, Dependency Injection and ORM concepts.
· Experience building and maintaining complex web applications.
· Experience with core, framework-agnostic JavaScript.
· Experience with Javascript SPA client-side frameworks (React, Angular, etc.) is a large plus.
· Ability to use a data-driven approach for product decisions.
· Strong communication and technical writing skills.
· Experience with Git, unit testing, debugging, profiling, Visual Studio, JIRA, and other tools developers typically use on the Microsoft technology stack.

Who do we want to see on our team
You can make an irreparable benefit to the project, and you will have a great time with us if you:
· Have at least five years of experience on the .Net stack.
· Already worked with modern Web stack, know what Web APIs are.
· Freely read the documentation and can competently (with Google Translate, if no one can see) express your thoughts in English.
· Have an idea of SOA and microservice architecture.
· Know the difference between WHERE and HAVING, and Pub and Sub.
· Don't occasionally mind (5-15% of the time) digging into the front end. If you don't have any experience with React, that's OK - we will teach you, and we even have an internal course and mentors.
· Can self-organize and know how to work remotely.
· Ready to propose solutions and implement them, taking responsibility.
· Ready to relocate.
· Great if you've already worked with Kubernetes, Azure Cloud, Kafka, but if not, it would be an excellent opportunity to learn everything from us.

You may not like it here if you:
· Panically afraid of projects that take longer than 10 minutes.
· You don't want to touch the front end (SQL, infra), even if these tasks are few.
· Not ready to learn by yourself. We provide development opportunities, but we believe that the Senior level developer knows which gaps in knowledge or skills to close and how to do it.

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