Staff Software Engineer

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About the job
The largest part of our team is working on the world's leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

Our team comprises more than 70 top-tier specialists, most of whom are .Net developers. We are fully integrated into the development processes and collaborate closely with the larger development team from the US, Canada and Europe.
Most of our specialists work entirely remotely and are scattered across many cities
About the Project
It is a B2B product, Saas solution in the field of business automation for North American service companies (electrical work, plumbing, etc.), air conditioner repair and installation, etc.). The product is the market leader in the "Field Service Management Software" category.
In the project, we use modern technology and always try to maintain the latest versions of frameworks.
Architecturally, you can clearly distinguish a monolithic core and dozens of services, microservices, and independent web and mobile applications that form a single product ecosystem.

Key technologies:
  • Backend: .Net
  • Frontend: React (Typescript)
  • Transactional storage: PostgreSQL, MSSQL
  • Message buses: Kafka, Azure Service Bus
  • Infrastructure: Azure Cloud, Docker/Kubernetes (generally devops team is responsible)
  • ORM: Entity Framework, DataObjects.Net
  • Miscellaneous: Redis,TeamCity, Jira, Confluence, GitHub
What you'll do:
  • Own from end to end the short and long term technical vision of your squad
  • Be responsible for all major technical decisions for your squad (a successful lead will be able to influence the decisions of their team without having to make all of them)
  • Provide technical mentorship and guidance to engineers within your team and others
  • Help your team to improve the technical quality of their work through regular technical design and code reviews
  • Share your technical knowledge and expertise through regular tech talks and/or blog posts
  • Communicate effectively with engineers, product managers, customers, partners, and other leaders
What you'll bring:
  • We expect that as an individual contributor, you are a role model
  • You will be expected to guide the technology decisions of your team, while contributing alongside them
Expert-level knowledge of:
  • Microsoft .NET technology stack (C# / .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web APIs) and SQL databases (Microsoft SQL Server or any other)
  • HTML5 and JavaScript; experience with Typescript and React is a plus
  • Git, unit testing, debugging, profiling, performance monitoring
  • Strong communication and technical writing skills
  • Нigher education in Computer Science, Physics, Engineering or a related technical field
  • English B2
Who we want to see in our team 
You can make an irreparable benefit to the project, and you will have a great time with us if you:
  • Have 8+ years of experience on senior engineering roles (designing APIs, abstractions, and tools used by other engineers)
  • Have 15+ years of industry experience
  • Freely read the documentation and can competently express your thoughts in English.
  • Can self-organize and know how to work remotely
  • Ready to propose solutions and implement them, taking responsibility
  • Ready to relocate
You may not like it here if you:
  • Afraid of projects that take longer than 10 minutes
  • You don't want to touch the frontend (SQL, infra), even if these tasks are few
  • Not ready to learn by yourself. We provide development opportunities, but we believe that the Senior/Staff level developer knows which gaps in knowledge or skills to close and how to do it
What We Offer: 
  • Relocation to Yerevan, Armenia for job placement, after that full remote work is possible
  • Competitive salary
  • Employment in full compliance with labor legislation of Armenia
  • The company provides the necessary equipment for work, including remote workers
  • Free work schedule (40 hours per week)