DPA Academy

In 2022, we achieved a significant milestone with the launch of the DPA Academy, and today we celebrate its first anniversary.

The DPA Academy is a comprehensive LMS platform designed to empower individuals to master the DPA product, explore its functionalities, and quickly start working with it. It caters to our esteemed customers and partners and newcomers joining our dynamic team at X-tensive.

Creating the Academy was a transformative step for our team's growth. At X-tensive, we have always embraced a culture of openness and knowledge-sharing about our cutting-edge developments and the optimal use of our products. The DPA Academy has allowed us to consolidate our training approach, saving valuable time for our project managers and sales executives who now serve as mentors, guiding students through complex concepts and empowering them with in-depth knowledge.

Since its inception, the Academy has graduated 135 individuals from over 40 enterprises, including our esteemed customers and partners. The Academy has proven to be an invaluable resource, providing rapid adaptation and familiarization with the DPA product for our dedicated employees, such as new developers and quality assurance specialists.

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans for the Academy. In addition to the existing courses, such as "About the Company" and "DPA Product," we are excited to announce upcoming courses, such as "Interaction with the Headquarters" (a flagship course on optimizing partner sales) and "Sales," where we will share our best practices for engaging with industrial enterprises, effective interaction methodologies, and successful implementation strategies on major industrial platforms.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the exceptional individuals who played a pivotal role in establishing and nurturing the DPA Academy's success over the past year.