Webinar Customer Support and Service Maintenance

We warmly invite you to our DPA webinar, centered on the universally relevant topic of "Customer Support and Service Maintenance."

Join us on August 17, 2023, at 13:00 GMT+3 for a 40-minute session packed with insights.

Here's what to expect:

- Anastasia Bylavskaya, a key analyst in our team, will demystify the options available at different tiers of technical support and delve into the various inquiry categories.

- Aleksei Mikhailov, our esteemed SD service leader, will introduce newcomers to a seamless SD registration process and shed light on best practices for our existing users.

- Vladislav Isakov, our key customer manager, will unveil tried-and-tested strategies for optimizing SD workflows, catering to businesses of all sizes. Expect actionable insights and the rationale behind them.

And for a twist: we've secured a special guest! An IT aficionado from one of the globe's machinery giants, and a fervent DPA user, will share firsthand experiences of utilizing SD.

Your presence will enrich our webinar! Share your anticipations and queries with us. Our aim? To ensure you extract unparalleled value from this session.

To secure your spot, use this link for registration:,xJOoKL-zbU2A4coIEDc8eA,C-w1fHDQyEmuXx7Jm5huWw,zf34zV59Dkmwc9dQBTjZRg,tm0D-6xjzkCoJ0PJkbE6hQ,QPcQoKoPYEyMOdQubmeOBA?mode=read&tenantId=b2114636-198f-44a3-85e3-a457f76c0325

Best digital regards!