National X-tensive squash team

While squash may not be the most popular sport in Armenia, it has become a favorite among our colleagues, who eagerly participate in friendly group visits to unwind and stay active in our Yerevan branch.

Engaging in this exhilarating game has become a regular highlight for our X-tensive team. Every week, we come together to spend quality time actively playing squash and immersing ourselves in the excitement of the sport. The intensity and laughter fill the air with each player taking turns on the court for 10 minutes and changing opponents every 5 minutes.

After a couple of hours, everyone leaves the court drenched in sweat, with laughter echoing in their hearts, feeling both physically spent and immensely satisfied.

Maybe we have created one of the largest squash community in Armenia, who knows?))))

We take pride in fostering a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, where our team members can explore new sports and form lasting connections.

PS. We eagerly anticipate scouts from the national team joining our games